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Three hundred and three students, enrolled across all six years of study, were included in the research. Socio-demographic and academic data were collected, along with a self-evaluation of physical and mental status.

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Some items investigated students' opinions about distance learning and the impact of that online activity on their achievement. The answers were rated using a five-item Likert-like scale.

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Data were analyzed using SPSS v. One-fifth of the respondents declared that they were totally dissatisfied with the relationships with their colleagues and friends.

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Overall, Two-thirds of the respondents considered that their practical training was affected due to the online activity, and that not all of the subjects could be taught online. More than half of the respondents agreed that the most objective evaluation method is that of the multiple-choice exams myalgie co to je at school, and considered that exclusively utilizing online assessments of students encourages unethical behaviors.

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Age, involvement in online activity, and active participation using video cameras were strongly correlated with satisfaction with academic results.

The positive aspects, together with the negative consequences, of distance learning should also be taken into consideration by university teachers and academic institutions to improve teaching experiences and to ensure a solid professional formation for dentistry students.